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missiles raining from the sky

When I watched CNN etc on September 11 2001, I didn't even consider for the slightest second that my small country could be directly involved in the attacks in any way, shape, or form. Just now I was reading the papers (okay, the headlines), and apparently the videotape the US found in Afghanistan that shows the Yishun MRT station, etc etc etc...apparently, the people who got caught? Apparently, they're linked to Al-Qaeda.

War upsets me, greatly enough for me to write a letter to George W. Bush. I don't read the papers anymore in details, because I really haven't got that much heart to give around. I don't care if this makes me sound conceited or self-absorbed...but I come first. I can't keep myself sane if I'm worrying left and right about countries that are miles away from home, countries that are in trouble and there is no way in hell I can do anything to change it. I don't want to think about all that. But it's harder not to, now that Singapore is directly involved.

I find it a huge irony that religion is involved in this thing. I have nothing against religions, not even Christianity (although some people who know me may think otherwise)...religions contain one of the most beautiful concepts and beliefs ever conceived in the world. Religion in its pure form is good, it really is. What is dangerous here, isn't the religions themselves, but how people perceive those ideals. Which is pretty obvious, if you know what I mean.

It is no secret, and should not come as a surprise to those who's never been here, that Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-religious society. The last racial riots occured in the 60's, if my memory serves me right. Needless to say the importance of racial harmony and religious tolerance is very, very important to a country the size of Singapore, because let's face it, the people are our only resources. We ain't got no diamonds, no gold, no fuel, no oil...we ain't got nothin', but the citizens. I wish with my entire might that this terrorist link doesn't disrupt the peace we've been enjoying for 30+ years.

I may not be the most patriotic person living here...but I do feel emotionally tied-down to Singapore. I can't help it, I've lived here for half my life, most of them the more significant parts of my miserable existence. I have grown to appreciate the rapid growth of our economy (which is slowing, but hell, it'll pick up again), the stability of our government and their integrity, the peace we're able to enjoy, the stable roof over my head, the top-notch education I'm attempting to receive (although it drives me nuts), the luxury I'm basking in as compared to other Southeast Asian countries, etc. The stability can be stifling, but I don't think it's something anyone living here should take for granted. When I look at footages of Afghanistan children and such in the news, all I want to do is cry. It's so sad, and I'm really glad I'm not there.

You do wish though that the entire world could be as well-off as each other. I can't understand how it is that a country like mine, with no natural resources, could prosper so well and progress so rapidly as compared to other countries, particularly those in the Middle-Eastern and African regions, some which actually have diamonds, who're still stuck at the first stage of developement, which is uh, what the fuck is it called, traditional something, which basically means you got no roads, no airports, no water supply, and you depend on agriculture to make a living. But for the last time, because it's going to be a while before I re-visit this subject, I'm glad to be living here. I feel blessed sometimes that I was born and raised in Singapore, instead of, like, Ethiopia or something.

Actually, what was I talking about? I was going to talk about the terrorist thing and I ended up typing all sorts of patriotic crap about my country. But yes. We rock. My only quibble is that we're still labelled a "developing country" when we're actually very developed. I mean, our currency actually is bigger than the Australian dollar. Come the fuck on! We're not developing anymore! Take a look at the bloody airport...number one in the world! Enough said!

(Nauseating entry. Never doing it again.)

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