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I launched an attack on some guy in Evony and he mailed me asking me to call it off. Because I'm a nice person, I'd stop attacking a person if the person mails me and asks me nicely. I replied saying, "I don't really care so if you ask me nicely I'll call it off."

This hilarious exchange ensued:

Would've-Been Victim (WBV): would you so kindly with a cherry and sprinkles and some carmel [sic, obviously] sauce stop the attack

Me: And ice-cream too? Okay. Done. After I send this.

WBV: [only if] you go to dinner and a movie with me

Me: You'd fly all the way to Singapore, where I am, for that?

WBV: so your in china. are you a resident or just visiting?


And omg I hate it when I see "your" in place of "you're". Something is wrong with these people, seriously. I honestly cannot comprehend how in the world anyone could confuse "your" with "you're". It's so fundamental to the language that you speak, so much so that I really cannot understand how it could be confused like that.

So I repled, "LOL are you serious? Singapore is not in China."

Brilliant, these ang mohs.


Oh wait just got a reply from WBV:

"ok so im bad with geography. but im attracted to asian women so i might just fly out there. that is if you like white american males 25 yrs old 6ft tall green eyes brown hair muscular build" I don't. I like Korean/Japanese-looking Singaporean male, 22 years old, soon-to-be 23, 170cm, brown eyes, brown hair, very muscular build, sexy as hell, has good English, and who is otherwise known as my boyfriend.

Oh, and who can use proper punctuation, too.


I have some stupid incident to relate but I feel like watching tennis, so some other time.

There is an ant crawling around my table. WTF. Hate it when there are ants in my room.
Tags: evony, hilarious people, quotes, stupid people

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