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Doesn't bloody pay to be nice.

Boring work shit

I'm doing my THIRD duty file for the week tomorrow and I'm not even on duty. I swapped my duty with this guy who was away on the department trip. I didn't go, and I wasn't really planning on going on leave, so I agreed to swap. I went for two PTCs on Monday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. One of them was in the Family Court. That one also went quite badly because the associate that gave me the file failed to disclose to me a pertinent piece of information relating to the point that she wanted me to make to the court, so I ended up looking pretty stupid. Thankfully the judge was super nice, as was the opposing counsel.

I will have to go to the Family Court again tomorrow at fucking 8.45 a.m. to help a client file a personal protection order. I don't mind doing these things, but I do NOT like having to pull myself out of bed at some fucking ungodly hour in the morning to reach court at bloody 8.45 a.m. I don't even strictly have to do this, but fuck, I just cannot say no to people when I don't have a legit reason to do so (i.e. I'm totally free tomorrow morning. Fuck).

In fact, I didn't even need to swap court duty with the dude. I wasn't the only associate that didn't go, but for some reason I was asked, so I just said 'yes' because I couldn't say 'no'.

I'm such an idiot.

Tennis - Davis Cup


I stayed up on Sunday night to watch the deciding 5th match (Davis Cup final - 5 matches over 3 days, one of which is a doubles match that Serbia LOST after leading two sets to love) and was SO shocked to see Viktor Troicki (of Serbia) dismantle Michael Llodra (France) so thoroughly and decisively. Troicki was kind of the reason Serbia lost the doubles - he totally lost the plot from the 3rd set onwards and I was not surprised at all when I found out they lost in the 5th. When I found out Troicki was selected to play the final rubber, I was convinced that Serbia was doomed.

But he completely DID NOT CHOKE. On the contrary, he rose to the occasion and played what was possibly the match of his career. To be fair, Llodra assisted him considerably by completely choking the match away; but Troicki was going for passing winners, return winners, and played aggressively. He could've made a bunch of unforced errors and let Llodra back into the match - but he didn't. He got broken when serving for the match at like 5-2, but immediately broke back to take the final set 6-3.

The Serbian team's reaction was the reason I stayed up to watch the match (it was definitely not for the mind-blowing tennis; it was just okay-ish to good). You don't see such scenes that often in tennis. When Roger wins a grand slam, he collapses in delight alone on the court and gets up after 10 seconds to shake his opponent's hand, then he starts waving to the crowd, pumping his fists in the air, sometimes he cries, and he does all of this alone.

When Troicki won the match, his teammates swarmed on court and piled on top of him. They cried together, cheered together, hopped around the court together, and shaved their heads together in celebration. Tennis is an individual sport, and for sure, that's one of the many reasons why I love it; but it lacks that sense of collective victory, that essence of winning something that's bigger than yourself, and winning not just for yourself, but for your teammates, and sometimes, your country.

I was all choked up watching them so happy and excited. It also helped that the team that I wanted to win actually won. I don't think I would've cared as much if France had won.

I don't actually have anything against the French team (save for Gael Monfils - dude needs to grow up and show his opponents, i.e. Roger Federer, some fucking respect when they're playing in Paris), but the plainly obnoxious behaviour of the French fans convinced me that I'd never support France, or anyone French, to win anything - a regular ATP tournament, a grand slam (obviously not - only Roger can win those), and certainly not the Davis Cup. A bunch of Frenchies with too much time on their hands trooped down to Belgrade and formed a French contingent, and they were OBNOXIOUS AS HELL, as if they mistook Belgrade for Paris. They had the gall to disturb the Serbian players during match play - seriously, who the fuck does that? My impression of the French crowd has not changed since Bercy 2008, when the French was just over-fucking-board in their support for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga over David Nalbandian in the final. I don't even CARE that Tsonga is French. Do you see the Swiss behaving like that when Roger's playing in the final of Basel? They sure as hell don't. Not even the Spaniards are that obnoxious in their support of Nadal when he plays in Spain.

And funnily, Mr Guy Forget, captain of the French Davis Cup team, whined about a few "idiots" in the Serbian camp who dared to whistle when his precious French player was playing. According to Mr Forget, that was the reason they lost.

Are you fucking kidding me? Maybe you lost because Gilles Simon is lousy and had zero chance of beating Novak Djokovic, because Monfils couldn't even get anywhere close to a victory over Nole, and because Llodra got outplayed, period? Talk about sour grapes. As a French, too, he really should see this coming - that's what his countrymen do, all the time, EVEN IN FUCKING BERCY. And I'm supposed to believe he's surprised? It's also Davis Cup - it happens all the time. He should definitely know this, judging from his extensive Davis Cup experience.

I think people should just admit it when they've lost, period, instead of concocting all sorts of stupid excuses.

Having said all that, Llodra sobbed into his towel after his loss and he looked inconsolable. I don't mind him; he seems like a nice guy and asked Roger for his shirt to give to his son after their match in either Toronto or Cincy (during which Roger wore his sexy pink shirt) which would put almost anyone in my good books, so it broke my heart to see him like that. But wow, he played so awful. Even if the slow-as-hell surface didn't favour him, it was just a disaster from start to finish. He couldn't put away volleys; he couldn't serve; he couldn't hit his already-paltry groundstrokes. He just couldn't do anything right. I felt bad for him.

But I was still really happy that Serbia won. It's not because of Nole or Tipsy; I just liked the romance in a victory for the underdog, that no one quite expected. Certainly no one expected Troicki to clinch the deciding match (definitely didn't expect Tipsy to lose 6-1, 7-6, 6-0 to Monfils in the first match), and Serbia was in its first Davis Cup final while France already had 10 titles. Serbia didn't even have any facilities when the current crop of players were growing up. It's a nice story. I wanted my fairy tale ending. I got it. I was happy.


Okay, I'm too tired to write properly about the two other things I wanted to write about in this entry, so I'll do it briefly.

1. Yesterday I played tennis with a new person by the name of Kon who was around my level, except he was better because he could actually volley. I felt super ashamed of myself. His groundstrokes weren't that better than mine, but he could slice and volley, and can probably serve as well. I can't do any of those three things because I'm too fucking lazy to practice. Ha, ha.

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that this guy played with SO much topspin that I couldn't return his shots properly. Like, his shots bounced up to my SHOULDER. Now I understand how Roger feels when he plays Nadal and keeps getting hammered on his backhand (which makes his WTF performance even more awesome).

Also, I had dinner at like 7 and ate quite a bit, so my stomach felt really fucked up during tennis.

Also, it was WEIRD playing at night. Visibility wasn't great, it was super cold because it'd just rained, and it was also super humid because it's Singapore; after 5 minutes a pool of sweat formed on the front of my top and it positively stuck to me like glue. I felt cold and clammy and uncomfortable. Looking back, I should've worn this Nike knit polo that I have instead of the Adidas competition outfit from the 2009 Australian Open season; the polo would've kept me warm, because I don't wear that in the day as it's too hot.

2. WikiLeaks - I fucking love WikiLeaks. Mostly, I love how the WikiDump has sent governments, in particular the American government, into an absolute tailspin. The panic that WikiLeaks has created is so amusing and funny. I love it. I don't really care about the legal issues or the issues, period; I love it because it's bringing me much joy and amusement.

Also, I find it hilarious that Britain arrested Julian Assange on charges relating to sexual offences that happened in August 2010. That's about 4 months ago. The Swedish police and British prosecutors (or whomever) sure moved fast. Coincidence? The charges are obviously bogus.

I hope Assange wins Time's person of the year poll and has his picture on the cover of the magazine, again. IT WILL BE SO AWESOME.

Of course, if Time removes Assange from its poll (he's currently #1), I will lose all respect for the magazine and I will cancel my subscription immediately.

Right, time to sleep.
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